Starting Tuesday, March 14th, at Central High School Coach Hall is starting an after school introductory weight training class. Participants will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week through May 4th provided school is in session that day. Sessions will start around 3 and go until about 4 pm. If something arises participants will need to pay attention to the announcements at Lakewood in the event that a session would have to be canceled. This is FREE. Individuals need simply to wear workout clothes (shorts, t-shirt, shoes) and be ready to work. Emphasis will be on technique and proper form of the three core lifts of bench, squat, and clean. We will start out with PVC pipe to teaching technique and progress as technique and form allows us to. Some simple push-ups and sit-ups will be the first things that we will start with. Students can always do those on the days that we don’t meet in order to help build good core strength. If you have any questions you can email Coach Hall at:, or call at 309-3639.

If a student can only make one session a week or has to miss for a few sessions that is perfectly fine. The goal of the class is to teach proper technique and to start developing core strength necessary for good overall health and activity. It will also be essential to develop some areas for future strength training.